When working with us here at DLP Capital Advisors, we care to get to know each and every one of our clients on a more personal level; but you don’t necessarily get the chance to learn a little more about ourselves. So we’d like to put one of our team members in the spotlight each quarter, to better introduce you to who we are.

Meet Larry!

Investor Success Manager

When did you start working at DLP Capital Advisors?
June 2016
What do you find most challenging at DLP?
It’s a good challenge, but keeping up with all of the incredibly driven individuals on this team is the most challenging thing here at DLP. You always have to be on your game day in and day out, and there are so many talented and driven people here it makes me want to always improve in every aspect of my life and work.
What is your favorite part about working at DLP?
My interaction with investors, our borrowers, and our teammates from our growing footprint; it is fantastic to be a part of such a unique and extraordinary group of people.
What advice do you have for future DLP employee candidates?
Be true to yourself, fully commit to your goals, and you will be successful.

– – On a more Personal Note – –

What is your favorite quote that you live by?
“Never underestimate the power to change yourself.”
What are your top three (3) items on your “Bucket List”?
1. Visit every continent on Earth. | 2. Live in a tropical place. | 3. Take a Transatlantic cruise.
What hobbies and/or sports are you involved in?
Listening to and making music, CrossFit, Soccer, Studying history, Cooking (I’m the chef at our house) and trying new foods.
What have been the top (3) highlights of your life?
1. Marrying my wife, Jennifer. | 2. The birth of our two girls, Sara and Lily. | 3. Losing 70 pounds and creating a new healthy lifestyle for me and my family.
Tell us (1) random fact about yourself.
My ancestor, George Fisher, came to PA with William Penn and founded the town of Middletown, PA – We go back every few years where they hold a ceremony called the “Grain of Wheat Celebration” to honor our family’s gift of land to the town for a church which still stands and functions to this day and that was once paid for in bushels of wheat.