When working with us here at DLP Capital Advisors, we care to get to know each and every one of our clients on a more personal level; but you don’t necessarily get the chance to learn a little more about ourselves. So we’d like to put one of our team members in the spotlight each quarter, to better introduce you to who we are.

Meet Mandy!

When did you start working at DLP Capital Advisors?
January 2016

What do you find most challenging at DLP?
The most challenging thing about it is sometimes being able to keep up with the intense, rapid growth of the Investors signing on to benefit from the available funds DLP Capital has to offer – But I also enjoy the rush of the fast pace.

What is your favorite part about working at DLP?
The high-intensity fast-paced environment. I tend to thrive off of high volume work loads and I feel privileged to have such a great dynamic with the team that I work with. It’s a great feeling when you wake up and actually look forward to going to work.

What advice do you have for future DLP employee candidates?
Be prepared to be on your toes at any given moment; it’s definitely not a job for the lazy. There’s always something to work on and something to improve.

— on a more personal note —

What is your favorite quote that you live by?
There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.

What are your top three items on your Bucket List?
1. Visit Hawaii | 2. Visit Seattle | 3. Go to at least 1 Steelers game every year

What hobbies and/or sports are you involved in?
Photography, Hunting/Shooting & even though I don’t ride anymore, I still am actively involved in the equestrian community in one way or another (primarily show jumping)

What have been the top three highlights of your life:
1) Riding competitively in (equestrian) Show Jumping & being ranked in the top 3 in three different associations with a horse I brought along for a few consecutive years
2) Losing 32lbs
3) Meeting my boyfriend 8 years ago

Tell us one random fact about yourself.
My boyfriend and I have the same exact birth date, including the year!
(and we were only born about an hour down the road from one another in New Jersey)