DLP Capital Advisors is pleased to announce that accredited investors can now invest directly into DLP’s real estate backed investment funds – including DLP Equity Fund II, LLC; DLP Income & Growth Fund, LLC; and DLP Lending Fund, LLC – through the company’s newly launched investment portal at dlpcrowd.com.

DLP Capital Advisors is leveraging the industries leading crowdfunding technology to provide accredited investors and private investment managers & family offices direct investing opportunities and an easy to use portfolio management software. Investors are able to access all of their DLP investments through one login & see their portfolio in a slick dashboard format with the ability to drill down on any of the investment details including 3rd party audits; past performance; fund level reporting ; executed investment documents; and individual account statements.

“Launching this portal allows DLP Capital Advisors to stay ahead of the industry & exceed investors demands & expectations for transparency & real time 24/7 access. It is now easier than ever for investors to make investment from the comfort of their home; electronically execute documents & have access to their investments at all times ” explained Don Wenner, CEO of DLP Capital Advisors. “It also expands our capabilities to communicate with our current investors, distribute investment documents and centralize ongoing client relations on a national scale.”

To browse all of the available investment opportunities from DLP Capital Advisors – with targeted annual returns ranging from 6.5 to 17%+ — please visit dlpcrowd.com.

If you have any questions about DLP’s Fund offerings, please contact Larry J. Hickernell, Jr. at 484.292.4781 or LHickernell@dlpcapitaladvisors.com.